A memoir that includes recipes or that is focused on food, meals, or cooking. [Blend of food and memoir.]
Example Citations:
Done well, memoirs about love and food go together like steak and martinis. Meals are a perfect application for the "show, don't tell" directive, from proposal soufflé to break-up pastina. These foodoirs have become a successful subset, one part chick lit mixed with one part chicken lit.
—Christine Muhlke, " Kiss the Cook:," The New York Times, December 6, 2009
Likewise, the perfect foodie beach bag contains prime kitchen lit: books on food history, essays on sustainability, food-centric fiction (call it foodtion), and sentimental food memoirs, or foodoirs.
Foodoirs are celebrity confessionals or tell-alls. In more sentimental varieties of the foodoir, the author embarks on an emotional journey, returning to his or her ancestor's roots (and perhaps, by extension, root vegetables). Many have recipes, too.
—Dianna Marder, " Beach reads for foodies:," The Philadelphia Inquirer, July 23, 2009
Earliest Citation:
It has not, so far, been a vintage year for cookery books. But in place of the conventional crop comes a glut of another type of food book. A hybrid of memoir sensually larded with recipes, the foodoir belongs in the bedroom or on the beach, not the kitchen.
—Caroline Stacey, " Food books: Half-baked history:," The Independent, July 6, 2002
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Re: Foodoir, as the memoir of a foodie. Does that make boudoir the memoir of a boudie?Jack de Yonge, you are hilarious! boudoir, boudie...LOL

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